Kavanaugh vote drama

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Saturday, 29 September, 2018 12:17:10 am

The first vote by a Senate committee is due over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

It follows Dramatic testimony by Judge Kavanaugh and Cristina Blasey Ford, who has accused him sexual assault.

Prof Frod, close to tears, described the alleged 1982 attack in detail saying it had `drastically’ affected her life. Judge Kavanaugh angrily denied he had assaulted her or anyone.

President Donald Trump has urged the full Senate to approve his nominee.

That vote is expected nest week. Republican currently have a majority of 51-49, but the outcome is far from certain with a number of senators on both sides undecided.

The American Bar Association called for a delay of both votes to allow the FBL to investigation the claims by Prof Ford and other women.

What did Christina Blasey say?

The hearing, which lasted for nine hours, brought an outpouring of support for Prof Ford- a university professor- from the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault.

Prof Frod said, `I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is civics duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were high school.’

She said Judge Kavanagh had tried to remove her clothing, pinned her to a bed and groped her.

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